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Marketing department

Helping customers find their best deals

Online marketing

The marketing department is overseeing all online marketing activities for Vertaa.fi. The team makes sure that the consumer is able to find our sites, and aims to offer the consumer a great user experience.



The traffic team manages and optimises all paid traffic campaigns. They are managing millions of keywords and campagnes. Automation plays an important role so that we can create a scalable setup with smart solutions. The team manages their campaigns intensively. As an example, they have daily insight in what the results are of the improvements they executed yesterday. This allows them to respond quickly to the dynamic retail developments.

User experience

The user experience team focusses mainly on optimising the ease of use of our services for consumers. The goal is to allow the consumer to find the product and deal that matches his or her needs quickly and easy. The dynamics this team has to deal with highly depends on the rapidly changing consumer behaviour. Not only the growing demands and expectations, but also the cross device behaviour ensure that this team is continuously improving the service and functionalities.


In order to be able to provide good purchase advice and present the deals that we aggregate from the market, it’s a necessity that the product information is correct and as complete as possible. Some content is created by Vertaa.fi, but large parts of the product- and price information is aggregated. The content team focusses on enriching the content we aggregate and ensures that we aggregate the most important information the consumer expects to find on Vertaa.fi.

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