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IT department

The beating heart of the company

Beating heart

IT is the beating heart of the company. Our service only exists online, so our services need to be available 24x7 for our users. Both the consumer and the retailer need to be able to rely on our websites being available.

The platform we developed has been setup in modules. TheĀ use of micro services and machine learning allow us to do rapid development and automate the majority of the operational tasks.

The company’s IT strategy to build the back end service on micro servicesDeze strategy has provided unique solutions which allows us to respond even better to the needs of our customers and end users.




New functionalities and improvements on existing modules ask for a tight planning but at the same also flexibility. One way to reply to the needs of customers is to secure short development cycles and fast time-to-market. The Kanban methodology allows the team to develop and fail fast and offer the users of our websites frequent new versions of the services. It even allows us to push a new version of our services to the market multiple times per day if so required.


The software that we build is also maintained and managed by the whole team. This keeps us sharp and, amongst other things, let to the team not needing separate test roles anymore. DevOps goes far and covers the entire technical landscape up until the infrastructure which is managed by specialist from the team.

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